13 September 2006

SEAMC 2009 : Organisation and Admin

26th-29th February 2009
Bangkok Patana School

SEAMC 2009 : Tony Gardiner

SEAMC 2009 : Schools

SEAMC 2009 : Teams

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Past SEAMC Questions

2007 Energiser Questions (Word 94KB)
2007 Relay Questions (Word 96KB)
2007 Long Term Questions (Word 736KB)
2007 Individual Questions (PowerPoint 348KB)
2007 The Lion Team Competition (PowerPoint 924KB)

2006 Individual Part 1 (PowerPoint 1288KB)
2006 Individual Part 2 (PowerPoint 1752KB)
2006 Team Round (PowerPoint 1460KB)

2005 Individual Part 1 (PowerPoint 1809KB)
2005 Individual Part 2 (PowerPoint 1442KB)
2005 Team Round (PowerPoint 1418KB)

2004 Individual (PowerPoint 2684KB)
2004 Team Round (PowerPoint 2010KB)
2004 Computer Questions (Word 49KB)
2004 Computer Answers (Word 51KB)

2003 Individual (not available)
2003 Team Round (PowerPoint 1778KB)

2002 Individual (PowerPoint 1898KB)
2002 Team Round (PowerPoint 1485KB)
2002 Quiz Time (PowerPoint 740KB)

2001 Individual Part 1 (PowerPoint 183KB)
2001 Individual Part 2 (PowerPoint 169KB)
2001 Team Round (PowerPoint 161KB)
2001 Quiz Time (PowerPoint 825KB)

Previous Venues and Winners

  • 8th SEAMC : 2008 : K.L. Malaysia
    • Team winners :-
    • Individual : O-
  • 7th SEAMC : 2007 : Singapore American School (SAS) and UWCSEA, Singapore
    • Team winners : KGV, Hong Kong
    • Individual : Oliver Huang from King George V in Hong Kong
  • 6th SEAMC : 2006 : West Island School, Hong Kong
    • The winners of the 'Warry Cup' (named after the founder of the contest) were KGV
      School (KGV Roar), Hong Kong, closely followed by Singapore American School
      (The Jocks) and Island School, Hong Kong (The BAD).
    • The individual contest was won by Eng Seng NG from Singapore American School who got an amazing 46 out of 50 (second got 41) in a very tough contest.
  • 5th SEAMC : 2005 : Dulwich International College, Phuket, Thailand
    • The contest attracted 38 teams (114 students) from 22 international schools across SE Asia - its biggest entry yet.
    • Island School, Hong Kong was victorious, winning the Warry Cup for the 3rd year out of 5.
    • In the individual contest, Tiffany Lau was the winner. Second was Vivian Tong, German Swiss International school, Hong Kong. In third place Low Zhen LIN, Garden International, KL and Kelvin Ng of Island School, HK was fourth.4th SEAMC : 2004 : Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 4th SEAMC : 2004 : ?
    • Team winners : Island School, Hong Kong
    • Individual : Otto Chan, Island School , Hong Kong
  • 3rd SEAMC : 2003 : United World College Singapore
    • Team winners : Garden IS, Kuala Lumpur
    • Individual : Ernest Chia, Garden IS , Kuala Lumpur
  • 2nd SEAMC : 2002 : Island School, Hong Kong
    • Team winners : Island School (HK)
    • Individual : Ernest Chia, Garden IS, Kuala Lumpur
  • 1st SEAMC : 2001 : Malaysia
    • Team winners : South Island School (HK)
    • Individual : John Chan, West Island School, (HK)

History of SEAMC

What is SEAMC?
SEAMC is an annual international mathematics competition aimed at 14 and 15 year old students. Schools send one or two teams of three students for a rigorous two days of mathematical challenges and fun activities centered around mathematics ..... yes, math(s) can be fun.
There are individual rounds, team rounds, presentations by a guest mathematician, team challenges, While there exists a healthy competitive spirit, emphasis is on providing students with opportunities to build friendships with peers from other schools. The competition is non-profit.

Who are eligible?
Participants must be students in a South East Asia school, in the past, schools from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nepal have sent teams.

How did it all start?
The competition was started back in 2001 by Steve Warry of Garden International School in Malaysia and, in his honor, The Warry Cup is awarded to the overall winning team each year. The school holding the Warry Cup at this time is King George V School of Hong Kong.
... it would be great to have a photo of the founder here .. anyone have one?